Crop circle conference 2014

We have just passed the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, also midsummer’s day. For the many people who gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate this special event, they had clear skies for the first time for many years to witness the sunrise. Many people see this as being the turning point of the year and that we are now heading for dark days and long nights but to me that is all part of a natural and wonderful progression of the seasons each one bringing its own benefits and contributions. Indeed we will have long days for many more weeks and the crop circle world rejoices.

The overall weather has been kind and even though the circles have not been as abundant as some other years, I have had a few fantastic flights and I can’t tell you how much joy this gives me and I do hope you enjoy the results.

At present I am busy preparing my talk at the Marlborough WCCSG conference.

crop circle conference

Sadly it is their finale as they will be disbanding after many years of service to the crop circle community under the leadership of Francine Blake and her team of stalwarts who have contributed to the phenomenon for so long. The departure of CCSG will leave a great gap in the crop circle commonwealth. Please come to the Conference if you possibly can as it is one of the most friendly and happiest of all the summer conferences.

Andy Potter my web master is now back again and so hopefully the pictures on my web site will be going up with speed.

Dorset landscapeHere is a picture of the beautiful Dorset landscape which will give you an idea of why my heart almost bursts with excitement and exhilaration as this amazing landscape stretches out all around me enfolding me in its magic.
Please could you support my flying if you possibly can in order to keep me bringing images for the world to enjoy.

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