Crop Circles and the farmers

Dear All

I would like your thoughts and ideas please.

If it were not for the farmer’s and their fields there would be NO crop circles and I have always mentioned at the end of my articles ” My grateful thanks to all the farmers who allow visitors on to their land. Unfortunately not everyone understands that the crops are the farmers’ livelihood and that permission should be sought and obtained before going on to their land..”

In 2008 the local economy in Wiltshire benefited to the sum of £671 million. Crop circles certainly contributed hugely to this throughout the industry, from overseas and inland visitors. Yet the farmers not only did NOT benefit from this but actually lost money due to the loss of crop and damage to their fields and at times their equipment.

As a result a group of us have been trying to find an answer to this problem that will also benefit the farmers as many farmers are now proposing cutting out the circles on their land.  At the same time as continuing to benefit the local community in all it different forms.

There are several options on the table and this is where I would like your views.

Options that could work together or separately.

  • Firstly it has been suggested that there could be some form of crop circle visiting licence,
  • secondly tickets to visit the circles on variables of a day, week, month or season, that could be bought at certain key places such as the Henge Shop or the Silent Circle Cafe.
  • The third option is to have authorized people standing at the entry to the circles in order to collect donations of maybe £2-£3. This money would go entirely to the farmer. This is a scheme already in place and working well and just required a more willing volunteers who will be screened before being authorized to collect money.
  • Most of the farmers who attended the meetings liked all the proposals and were prepared to go along with them.

Your thoughts and ideas would be of great help in assessing how you feel this these systems might work to the benefit of all. Please email me on

The oil seed rape (canola) is coming up even though the crop is quite short in certain fields so keep your fingers crossed that very soon we will be announcing the first circle..

All good wishes


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