First crop circles 2014 and new interview

This interview with International Times talks about the old days and how different things were then in the fields.

As promised I said I would let you know about the latest crop circles. We have had 2 so far, one in Wiltshire and the other in Dorset. Please check out my web site for pictures.

Earlier this week my elder son who lives in Sydney and his partner came to stay and we had as wonderful time visiting ancient 12 and 13th century Shepherd’s churches tucked away out of sight in the fields of West Sussex and still used on rare occasions. We went to Diddling, East, Up and North Marden churches. The peace in Up Marden church personified the quotation `Peace beyond all understanding`.

St CrossThe next day we visited one of my most favourite places, the almshouse at St Cross just outside Winchester. It is considered to be the oldest almshouse in England and was built in the 12 century by Henri Du Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror. It is constructed on the scale of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. When you buy your entry tickets at the Porter’s lodge, St Cross still continue the tradition of the Wayfarer’s Dole. This entails giving a piece of bread and a cup of ale to all travellers who visit St Cross and who ask for it. In the old days the travellers often had no money and no food and so the word `dole` originates from this custom!   St Cross is now the home to 25 brethren, men who have fallen on bad times who live in the charming little alms houses.

Living where I do, I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by so many of theses wonderful ancient and sacred places.

I hope the circles will give us a wonderful summer’s enjoyment. Please keep checking my web site for updates.

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