Happy Cristmas and a message of hope for the close of 2012

I wonder what you have made of 2012 and what has happened to you during this apocalyptical year?

The more I talk to people, the more it seems that this has been year of testing our fortitude as many of us have struggled to overcome a series of hurdles, sometimes completely unexpected, that we have met on our way. For example the book polymath Jim Lyons and I were writing for Duncan Baird/Watkins on the scientific aspect of the crop circles and broader aspects of the natural world, has fallen through due to publisher’s profit margins so if any of you know of a publisher who might be interested, do please let me know.

It seems that it has been a year in which we needled to focus on the positive and the light and looking back we may be surprised to find that this has even been a year of growth, uncomfortable though it may have been at times.

I am reminded of the words of Tlakaelel the recently deceased venerable Toltec leader when speaking about the prophecy of the Mayan calendar in Taos, New Mexico last year, he said that the shift had started in 1947 and that it would gather speed culminating on 21 December 2012 after which we would find that everything would start getting back to normal. In other words that we should be of good heart even though we might not see the recovery happening quickly; that we should not lose hope if the improvement is only gradual. The change has already started. Rather like our learning curve that goes slowly until we reach a certain level whereupon it speeds up rapidly, so global events seem to have spiraled in ways that appear out of control and which we had never envisaged could ever happen. This is the moment when change starts to take place, when people decide that enough is enough and are sufficiently brave to make a stand and fight for to redeem the status quo and pull together in a common understanding knowing that we are all part of each other and that despite our apparent differences in faith and race, we realise that those differences are not really there but imagined and that we are all a part of the whole regardless of these illusionary divisive aspects of ourselves. As we approach 2013 and maybe when the darkness seems to most intense we will realise that indeed we are closest to finding the light, just as the darkest heralds the dawn. The Great Architect of the Universe is guiding us forward.

So I feel a great sense of hope and encouragement that now we are now starting a new learning curve and rather like there is a unifying force in nature so we will find another such unifying force in our human family. We are on the way up not the way down, so be of good cheer and resolution and know that we all have our part to play in this exciting new adventure. A NEW BEGINNING.

I am sending you the link herewith to a powerful global meditation http://www.onebillionoms.com/

A wonderfully happy and blessed Christmas and an uplifting New Year 2013 to you all.


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