Happy New Year! Crop Circle Photo Video Uploaded

A wonderful Happy, uplifting and progressive year to you all.

As we enter the memorable new Baktum 2013, we are moving into a new era of hope and renewal. We are turning the corner gently into a new and exciting age. A new beginning. I do not believe that everything is suddenly going to changed in an instant, I see it being a gradual and sometimes maybe even frustratingly slow change but the change is happening and how amazingly and wonderfully fortunate we are to be able to play our own parts in bringing this about. How lucky we are to be here to witness this metamorphosis. So let us move forward together with songs of hope, joy, compassion and love in our hearts.

I hope you enjoy this video sequence of some of my favorite photos from the 2012 crop circle season. The lovely music is from the album Sacred Mantras by Caitlin

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