Lucy Pringle’s Trip To Taos, New Mexico November 2011

“I have just returned from spending a memorable two weeks giving talks 7000 feet up in the snow capped mountain town of Taos, New Mexico. It is a community of intellectual literati and the only place in America to host a World Heritage North American Indian community site.

I had been invited to attend two conferences dovetailing each other at the same venue. The first one and the most special was the Labyrinth Society conference. It was a conference in which everyone was kind, friendly and holders of great wisdom and knowledge of the subject. My involvement was to give a talk linking the crop circle phenomenon to labyrinths; a most pleasurable and invigorating work, especially as many of the physiological and psychological effects are similar as indeed are the effects experienced when visiting stone circles. All these elements have a common theme and linkage.

There were two remarkable North American Indians of the Toltec tribe and on one occasion we attended a special ceremony led by Ac Tah in which 1352 brown paper bags containing sand in which were placed little candles which were then in turn made up a very specially designed labyrinth in which the ceremony took place and around which we all walked. I took several pictures and each contained orbs. Taos orbsOver the years I have taken many night time images but none have produced this effect. I know orbs are a vexed issue and to date there have been many scientific theories but to date no definite scientific explanation. To Ac Tah these orbs were the spirits of his ancestors and I feel comfortable with this interpretation. Labyrinths began with the legend of Daedalus who designed the first one in Crete in which to contain the monstrous Minotaur and how Theseus helped by Ariadne managed not only to slay the beast but find his way out to safety. Over the years as with all aspects of learning, the labyrinth has evolved and developed and is now used for many different occasions such as ritual, dance, magical protection, ornamental etc but the most special and important aspect still remains the spiritual connection and usage. Taos OrbsThey illustrate the journey of one’s life in which we are continually seeking the Holy Grail for as we enter the labyrinth we come close to the centre only to be thrown out to the edge again and again until eventually we reach our goal in the centre.

As a result of my connection with North American Indians due to the fact that both my sons are initiated Mohawks, a most venerable Toltec Indian,Tlakaelel who has travelled the world meeting such luminaries as the Dalai Lama, requested that we share a days workshop together. This was signal honour for me and I felt deeply privileged. Tlakaelel did not want a structured workshop and so from 9am-3.30 PM with a break for lunch we sat and each told stories. His wisdom is unlike our western wisdom. He connects with and speaks of the animals, birds, trees, rivers, mountains and all things of the natural world. Quantum physics are no problem for they also are part of the natural world. He spoke of the need to respect all these things and indeed to respect each other for we have our part to play in this overall scheme. I have returned invigorated, grateful and hopefully a little wiser for his teaching. This is a wisdom with which I am familiar as over the years we have kept in touch with the Mohawk chief and now his son who have sent us wonderful sayings, poems and artwork of quite exceptional insight, enlightenment and artistry.

Referring to 2012 Tlakaelel was adamant that the shift began in 1947 and that it would reach its peak next year after which things would gradually return to normal. He gave no explanation for this.

Speaking of the crop circles, he said that they were to be respected and honoured as bearers of important messages from as yet unknown intelligences, maybe from the star people. They contained aspects of time, motion and diversity.

My greetings and blessings to you all.


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Over the years I have been researching the effects of electro-magnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. No detail such as unusual smell, taste, sound etc is too small or insignificant; it all adds up to making a complete picture of what is happening.

I am most grateful to everyone who takes the trouble to tell me about their experiences; it can be irksome and time consuming but without your wonderful help my research would not be able to expand and continue. I now have the largest database in the world relating to this area of research due to the kindness of very many people.

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