New crop circle article published by Lucy Pringle

This letter is to let you know that my latest article is now up on my web  
site. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Also as usual, I will be taking two  crop circle tours this summer. Please
check my web site for more  information. We have a wonderful time and many
people have had special  experiences.

We are now approaching a very exciting time of year.  For the past  week or
so we have had almost summer like weather except that it is still cold
when out of the sun. We have had a few good healthy night frosts which is  just
what is needed to break up the soil. img1The blackthorn bushes/trees have been
and still are in full flower in our hedges and elsewhere. We are told that
Blackthorn has healing qualities  `The berries are a good astringent and
can be used to stop bleeding, both internally and externally. The leaves can
be boiled into a decoction and gargled as a treatment for laryngitis and
tonsillitis or used as a soothing eye wash. It is also diaphoretic, promoting
expulsion of toxins from the skin. The berries are excellent for cleansing
the  blood and stimulating metabolism and as a tonic. An infusion of
flowers (approx  1 rounded tablespoon) can be used as a tea (1 cup daily for 3
days) for  aperient, diuretic and mild tonic effect. A decoction of the flowers
can be used  to soothe even very sensitive skin.`

Legend also tells us that whereas blackthorn has a sinister history being
associated with witchcraft, it also is associated with the concept of the
cycle  of life and death and protection.
The tree is considered to be a fairy tree and is protected by the
Lunantishee, the type of fairy who dwells in it. We are also told that great
misfortune will befall anyone who cuts down a blackthorn tree on May 11th or
November 11th (the original days of Beltane and Samhain) before the calendar was changed.

One of its spells is a  protection spell `for when a particular individual
has ill intent towards you.  WARNING: It MUST NOT be carried out with the
intent to cause harm to the person  in question or for revenge but for justice
and to reflect back to the person  their own ill intent, to prevent it from
harming you. Take a candle, black for  preference (symbolic of protection)
and carve it to suggest a basic human shape,  with the wick at the head.
Name the figure by carving the name of the person who  wishes to harm you onto the candle (use your Athame if you have one).Take three  thorns from the
blackthorn and push them into the body, one in the forehead, one  in the heart
and one in the abdomen, saying as you do so (once for each thorn):  “Evil
return to the one who sent thee, for me and mine are now set free. No hurt
nor harm can enter here, for my life and way are now made clear.” light the
candle and let it burn down completely.
As I write we now the third quarter of March and it is hard to believe that
next month will be April and that this month often heralds the annual
birth of the crop circles.  Will it happen again this year, we wonder?
Certainly with all the recent good weather we have been having there is a good
possibility despite the crops being low in the fields at present. We have to
ask  if the recent floods will affect this year’s circles as many of the
fields are  saturated and the water tables are full to overflowing?

This is an exciting time of year; the birds are starting to wear their
summer plumage and their song has changed. Flowers and plants are poking  their heads carefully out of the ground seemingly ready to retreat back in again
if threatened. People are walking around with smiles on their faces and
hope of renewal is everywhere.

So what may we expect to see in the fields this summer? This is a perennial
guessing game and one which we seldom get right!

I plan to continue with my research and have an exciting programme in place
working with many forward thinking scientists from all over the world
whose work  is allied to and connected with this phenomenon. Indeed the circles have been  instrumental in advancing the work in particular of  fluid dynamics, yielding a broader understanding of  how the living world interacts with a  new emerging model of The Electric Universe.
As always I will be up in the skies bringing you pictures of the circles as they appear.

This all results in a costly scenario and any help you can give would  be
so very much appreciated. I do believe in everything that I am doing with the
help and advice I receive that allows me to continue. If I can only very
partially  fund my work, it means that my photo archive and research will become less  comprehensive, with increasing gaps and long term records weakened in their  value. Part of the reason for my research is to catalogue and record crop circle  related phenomena for future access and research, in a time when the importance  of crop formations is more fully realised than today. To
provide for this, it is  necessary to be thorough and comprehensive, since we
do not know the data needs  of future researchers, and gaps in the data can
undermine studies of longer-term  data.

With best wishes to you and may we enjoy a wonderful 2013.


PS – Polymath Jim Lyon and I are writing a book. This book, which contains
startling new evidence of an original and  exciting nature, will answer many
previously unanswered questions about crop  circles and the broader world in
which we live.

It examines how crop circles form, with eye witness accounts, how  crop
circles effect the chemistry of our brains, what part unseen earth  energies
play and how the circles bridge the gap between science and  spirituality.
It looks at experiments to induce crop circles to appear through
meditation and to play the music found in the mathematical relationships of the designs.

It also investigates the connections between crop circles, stone  circles,
Pythagoras (427-347BC) and the 11,000 year old Golbekli temple in  Turkey.
Unusual responses to the circles by individual visitors, and the odd
effects on water, electrical and electronic devices, such as credit cards, also
form part of the narrative.

The book is in a class of its own as it looks at the science involved  in
crop circle research and how this throws light on other fields of

The book was commissioned by Duncan Baird Watkins and the  presentation
passed the Frankfurt Book Fair with flying colours with  preliminary orders of
16,000. However after the takeover by Osprey it was  unfortunately dropped
We are now searching for the `right` publisher. When a  project means a
lot, it seems that often we tend to impinge our own will and  direction instead
of allowing the natural higher unseen and unknown process to  take place.
Indeed I firmly believe that this is a much needed book to silence  the
critics and press but that we must wait until we are shown the  way.

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