Pedro Cordeiro

On the 10 October Pedro Cordeiro of Courrier Internationale, Portugal, ( asked permission to use one of my crop circle images and he assured me that it was agreed with Maria do Céu Pereira of Interjornal – Sociedade Jornalística e Editorial, Lda, Rua Calvet de Magalhães, 242 2770-022 Paço de Arcos that payment would be made directly on receipt of my image.

Since then I have exchanged endless emails with both Pedro Cordeiro and Maria do Céu Pereira and have received no payment to date. As requested I have sent Maria do Céu Pereira all my financial information including my bank details, my account number, the sorting code, the Swift Code, the International IBAN, the Branch Identifier Code number, my income tax number and my Insurance number.

Yet despite this detailed information being accepted by all other European countries, Maria do Céu Pereira still insists that she will deduct 20% from my fee unless I complete and return a tax form which is comparable in its complexities to our UK tax forms in which we have to include such details as any income from share dividends etc. Clearly this exercise would need to be completed by my accountants and would incur considerably more expense than the fee I have charged for my the use of copyright image.