Urgent Appeal From Lucy Pringle

Lucy Pringle

I am so sorry there has been such a long silence, this is due to a spell in hospital. I am now up and running again and rearing to go. Pictures will soon be appearing again on my web site.

The weather has been wet and cold for the last 3 weeks and even though we had had a few circles the season hasn’t really started in earnest yet. I have great expectations for this year which I believe may reveal many hidden events and surprises.

I am currently writing a book with polymath Jim Lyons and the provisional title is `Beyond the Crop Circle Paradigm`. It is going to be an amazing book, scientifically based and will break many ill conceived conventional ideas, taking us to new areas of understanding based on the physics of the natural world.

Now onto something which is of serious concern to me:

In order to comply with CAA regulations, I am hoping to fly with West helicopters, a highly skilled and professional outfit based at Thruxton, Nr Andover. West helicopters is a subsidiary of HeliAir, based at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.

“However to do this I urgently need to raise a minimum of £7000 or US$ 11, 000. I am asking you if you would please be as generous as you possibly can so that I can continue to take pictures for all those who enjoy visiting my web site; also in order to continue with my research. It has always been my desire and belief that my photograph library should be free for all to view. However circumstances have become very difficult with the insistance upon commercial flights being used, which of course are extremely expensive.

It would break my heart if I had to walk away from the phenomenon at this stage after over 20 years involvement.

Another thing I will be doing in the effort to keep things going, will be to occasionally send out promotions which I feel are worth taking a look at. It will help my flying immensely if people see fit to take up some of these offers. The first one, which I was highly enthused by being a keen photographer, is below at the end of this letter.

The link to the photographic site is one I thought was amazing but I would like to stress emphatically that I don’t use any of these techniques with my photography. In fact I hesitated sending you this link just in case you might think just that.

Best wishes to you all




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  1. The album we have made from your postcards of crop circles is spectacular. we wish you the best in a speedy recovery and many years of health to come!

  2. Hi Lucy
    I am the farmer with the amazing crop circle at Hackpen hill, I think we met when we had the last one. Hope can I get hold of pictures to be able to get them printed.
    At the moment we have cut round the circle and still seem to be getting people round it.
    Best wishes James Hussey

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