Zig-Zag Productions

Many people within the crop circle community may have been approached by Tom Barry of Zig-Zag Productions, an independent production company that has been commissioned on behalf of the National Geographic channel ” to make a one hour documentary about Crop Circles, which we hope to film this summer in the UK and abroad. It’s part of a series where we examine other well known mysteries or phenomena, such as the Lost City of Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle – to name just a few – with the emphasis on possible scientific explanations behind them.”

After originally approaching me regarding my scientific findings, on being questioned, Tom Barry then told me that the programme might have a broader remit!

Since then I have repeatedly asked Tom Barry for written assurances that no crop circles will be commissioned, or hoaxers interviewed and that indeed the programme will be science and only science based. The man made aspect is not part of the genuine phenomenon. To date I have received no such written or even verbal assurances.

Tom Barry tells me that they are due to start filming in about two weeks time and many of you may be considering participating.

However, I have decided not to take part as I do not consider the programme will in any way advance either the genuine crop circle phenomenon or my work. In making this decision I have also taken into consideration the bad experience I suffered with another production company working for the National Geographic in 2007. http://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/news/natgeog.shtml